Travelling to School

Hurray! We have achieved and are maintaining Gold level STARS accreditation!

STARS=Sustainable Travel; Active Responsible Safe 

Well done Grasvenor!



Whilst we encourage our families to walk to school, we recognise that this is not possible for everyone. If you bring your car to school we ask that parents park with consideration for local residents. We rely on good relationships with the local community and don't want to cause our neighbours unneccessary inconvenience. 


The yellow zigzag lines outside the school are there to ensure that drivers approaching the school have a clear view of the gates and of any child who might emerge.  It is an OFFENCE to park on these lines during the hours displayed on the notice and it may result in a fine.  It is essential that this area is kept clear at all times and remember that the no parking area is there to protect your child.  Stopping on the lines, even for a few seconds, could cost a child’s life.

Our Voluntary One Way System

Driving to and from school can be very difficult at "peak times" so we ask parents to operate a voluntary "one way system".

From Fairfield Way turn left into Sherrards Way, right into the Linkway and right into Grasvenor Avenue. We have produced a video and our children have done some lovely drawings. 


We all will benefit from this: Parents save time by getting stuck less and pedestrians are safer. 

Click on the link below to watch a video of the One Way route.

Scooters and Bikes

Children may use their scooters or bikes to travel to school with their parents. We have a covered shelter for these ‘vehicles’ to be parked in during the school day.