Transition to Underhill

All year 2 children are allocated a space at Underhill School automatically, all parents and carers need to do is let us know if they DO / DO NOT wish to take up this place for their child.

Houses  - We share our houses with Underhill School and Children will be put into one of our four houses Sandringham, Balmoral, Holyrood or Windsor when they join Grasvenor. They will be put into the same house as any older siblings still at either school and they will remain in the same house throughout their time at Underhill. 


Year 2 meeting their peers at Underhill - In order to make the move to Underhill School as smooth and enjoyable as possible, staff and children are involved in regular transition activities from the second half of the Autumn Term. This gives the children the opportunity to get to know each other and feel familiar with their surroundings. During these activities the year 2 children will be 'buddied up' with the current year 5 children, who will be involved in planning and guiding some of the transition activities. 


Use this link to book a tour of Underhill School: