Our Week at School

The School Day

Our normal school day runs alongside the following timings:

Morning: 8.45 am - 12.00 pm

Afternoon: 1.00 pm - 3.00 pm


Research shows that every-day attendance at school is vital for our children to gain the greatest benefit from their education. The 3 years that your children spend with us are important in laying the foundations for learning, as what they learn here becomes the building blocks for their work in junior and secondary schools and for their future. We therefore pay particular close attention to the attendance and punctuality of our children. The school day starts promptly when the school bells rings at 8.45 am.

• 10 minutes late a day = almost a whole hour of learning missed each week for your child

• Coming in late causes disruption to the whole class and may cause embarrassment for your child

• Your child will have missed the teacher’s instructions for the learning for the start of the day

• Please be aware that any lateness is noted in your child’s attendance records

Medical Appointments:

Please arrange them outside school hours whenever it is possible. If it is neccessary to attend an appointment during school time, please bring your child into school as normal if the appointment is after registration time and return your child to school afterwards if time allows.

Collecting Children from School

It is very important that we know who will be collecting children from school at the end of the day. It is school policy that we do not release children from school unless there is an adult there to collect them and we have been informed who this will be prior to collection time. You can inform school by phoning the office or by speaking to a member of staff in the morning. 

In an emergency or if you are going to be delayed please ring the office on 020 8449 6053. 

Praise Certificates: These are presented to children that have been positive role models or who have stood out in a positive way. The certificates are presented fortnightly in their classes and reported on the school newsletter.

All the praise for each week is reported in our fortnightly Newsletter which is available to read on the website every other Friday afternoon. 


Parents have a legal duty to send their children to school at which they are registered.

  • Only keep your child away from school if absolutely necessary and provide appropriate evidence (Eg. appointment cards or hospital letters) to support any absence. We  recognise that there may be occasions on which it will be difficult to obtain written evidence, for example when your child has sickness or diarrhoea and therefore must be absent from school for a full 48 hours from the last bout. Please make sure you inform the school every time your child is absent by phone or email.  

  • It is vitally important that you do not send your child to school if they are exhibiting any symptoms of coronavirus

  • It is parents/carer’s responsibility to ensure that all holidays are taken during school holiday periods. The school is unable to authorise any holiday taken during term time. 

  • If a child is absent and no contact can be made with parents/carers. This is a safeguarding issue and a letter will be hand delivered to their home address. If no contact is made following this, the EWO and/or the

  • Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) may be contacted. 

Open Door Policy

Grasvenor welcomes visitors and operates an 'open door' policy, which gives parents and carers the opportunity to visit the school at a time which is convenient for them. If you would like to come in or speak to a member of staff, simply sign in at the office and Jenny will guide you. 

Healthy Eating

Grasvenor is a healthy school and as such, we recognise that healthy eating is directly related to children's ability to achieve well in school.  No cakes, sweets or chocolates are to be brought into school for any celebratory occasions – a pupil celebrating a birthday will be recognised in their classroom.

School Dinners

Your child will be entitled to a free school lunch.  Menus are rotated on a 3 weekly basis and are available for you to have a look at on this website . Our caterers will provide food which is suitable for children with specific dietary requirements. All you need to do is make sure that we are fully aware of any specific requirements that your child has.


School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme

Each child is provided with a free piece of fruit or vegetable every day at mid morning. These are usually apples, satsumas, pears or carrots.


School Milk

We offer free school milk to all our children throughout their reception year. 



Currently, we are asking that all children bring in a reusable water bottle as this will be the only access to a drink that they will have all day. We have had to take the water fountains out of service to adhere to hygiene rules and regulations. 

Behaviour in School

At Grasvenor, safeguarding is a priority which is firmly embedded in all aspects of our school life. We continuoulsy strive to establish and maintain an environment in which children feel safe and secure at all times, children are listened to and are encouraged to express how they are feeling. 


Our behaviour policy and procedures are designed to establish an environment of mutual respect. Our aim is to encourage self respect, self dicipline and a sense of responsibility for one's actions. Hence we insist on considerate behaviour both in school and in the playground from all members of our school community. We ask everyone to follow the "Golden Rules" which apply everywhere in the school.

In no particular order, our golden rules are as follows:

We are honest

We are kind and helpful

We listen well

We try hard with our learning

We look after property

We are gentle

Reading at School

At Grasvenor we use a system of Book banding rather than a single Reading Scheme. This means that all children have the opportunity to read books by a wide variety of authors about a range of topics, including fiction, non-fiction and poetry books. Each child’s reading ability is individually assessed and they are allocated a coloured ‘band’ from which they may choose any book. 

Some books will challenge and extend reading skills and some will consolidate. When your child has achieved all the targets for a particular band their class teacher will move them onto the next colour band. They will read regularly with an adult on an individual basis as well as working weekly with their class teacher in a guided reading session to extend their reading skills. They will of course get the opportunity to develop their reading skills during their learning in many other subjects while they are at school. Your child's progress within reading will be recorded in their reading record books. It really helps children to make progress if families share books and stories at home, and we encourage you to support your child's learning in this way and add comments to their reading record books.


It would be useful to your child's learning if the skills they learn at school are practiced when you are sharing books at home.  

The coloured bands are as follows: