New Parents

Transitions into Reception

We can't wait for your child to join us at Grasvenor!

We understand that every child is unique and that children join us from a wide range of settings, including some children who have not yet been in a formal setting of any sort.

We manage support children to settle into our reception class in the following ways:

  • Each child has the opportunity to visit the school for a ‘Stay and Play' afternoon’ in the summer term before they start school. This gives the children the opportunity to become familiar with their new environment, their teachers and a few of their peers, with their parents present.

  • Every family will have a home visit from the Reception team. This gives children (& parents and carers) the opportunity to get to know each other in a familiar environment.

  • If your child already attends a nursery or pre-school, the Reception team may visit them there during the summer term. 

  • The children are then split into two phased entry groups, ready for the beginning of the Autumn term. You will find out which group your child is in at the New Parent meeting in June. We induct each entry group separately using a system which includes; morning, afternoon, lunch and whole day sessions.

  • These entry groups are created randomly and are therefore flexible, based on information from parents regarding preferences and their child’s individual needs.