Lost Property

Imagine that: You are a child again...you are hot...you take your jumper off ... where would you put it? .... We find that lots of children just drop it where they are...or they 'hide it'..(just in case a grown up will ask them to tidy it away!)


All children will lose things from time to time and we always do our best to find the things that have been lost. We find things under tables, in corners (especially the reading corner) and other very unusual places. If items are named we return them before the end of the school day. Unnamed items will make their way into the 'Lost Property Box' in the office.


At Grasvenor every child has a peg marked with their name on which to hang their coat, bookbags & PE kit.


However sometimes things still go missing.... if it's labelled with your child's name, we will almost certainly find it. We do that by talking to your child, searching the school with them and we also send out text requests to parents to look out

for the missing items.


If its not found, please have a look in the lost property box which we keep in the office. We also bring the lost property out at the beginning and the end of each term for parents/carers to look through.