Year Two Residential Trip - Lincolnsfield

As you are aware, we will be taking Year Two on a three day residential trip in June to Lincolnsfields Children’s Centre which is in Bushey, near Watford. Before we tell you a little more about the trip, we thought you would like to hear a statement from the centre:

“At Lincolnsfields we are passionate about;”

➢children and the countryside

➢children enjoying good food

➢fun and safety

➢children’s social development


Health and Safety

We cannot stress strongly enough the fact that both ourselves and the staff at Lincolnsfields will take every care to ensure your children’s safety at all times during the trip. All relevant Risk Assessments are carried out and every aspect of the timetable is carefully considered.


The Centre

The centre is situated within the grounds of a disused Air Force base which is totally fenced in and has a security entrance, manned at night. Also within the grounds are ‘Funworld Activity Centre’, ‘Farmyard Funworld’, a wooded area and a variety of other child-focused projects. The actual centre building itself is surrounded by a high fence and the only entrance is locked at night (by us). We have exclusive use of the centre building during our stay. All our meals are provided and an experienced member of the centre staff is with us during every activity we undertake. Centre staff also live in the building adjacent to ours and are available at all times should we have a problem of any kind.


School Staff

In addition to the centre staff, there will be at least four school staff with the children at all times, including two fully qualified first-aiders who look after the children’s medical welfare during the trip. All centre staff are also fully first-aid qualified. Many other members of school staff come to visit us and join in with our evening activities. We have been taking children to Lincolnsfields for some years now and it has always proved to be a beneficial and thoroughly enjoyable experience for all.


We realise that for many of our year two children this will be the first time they have stayed away from home without you, but rest assured that they will be well looked after and have the time of their life. The experience also increases their confidence and makes them more ready to take the next step in their educational journey. Please talk to Jessie Chakraborty or any of the year 2 staff if you are worried.


How will we get there?

We will be able to give you more information about how we will be getting there nearer the time – last year we were lucky enough to be driven there in a coach provided by Saracen’s Rugby Club. Nearer the date, you will be given the departure time and you are welcome to be at school to wave us off. (You are invited to stay and have a coffee and chat with other parents while you wait for us to go.) Suitcases should be brought into school with the children at the usual time, ready to be loaded onto the transport prior to departure.


How will we get back?

Our time at the centre ends at 12pm on Friday, when all families are invited to join us for a picnic at Lincolnsfields to find out all about what we have been up to during our stay. The picnic will finish at about 1pm at which time, children will go home with their families. Children do NOT go back to school for the afternoon and school is unable to provide any transport home, you will be responsible for making sure someone is at Lincolnsfelds to transport your child home.



The accommodation consists of a single storey building, with seven ten-bedded dormitories, three at one end and four at the other. The toilets, showers and recreation areas are in the middle of the building. The boys use dormitories at one end of the building and the girls use the ones at the other end. Staff bedrooms are located at each end of the building, adjacent to the children’s dormitories.

There are lots of comfortable armchairs and sofas in the recreation room together with board games, drawing equipment, lots of other activities and a television and DVD player (if we find time to use it!!). Immediately outside the recreation room, but still within the fencing, is a grassed area where we can play with the outdoor equipment we take with us.



All our meals are cooked for us by the centre staff and are eaten in a bright, spacious dining room and we have never been hungry! The catering team are very flexible and will cater to all dietary needs, including allergies – please make sure you let us know of any needs your child may have.


Cereals, cooked breakfast, toast and squash or milk



Packed lunch consisting of a choice of sandwiches, crisps, biscuit, fresh fruit and a drink



Full cooked dinner, with salad bar, dessert and squash or water


Milk, hot chocolate or squash and a biscuit


Hot dogs (including a vegetarian variety) eaten around a supervised campfire while we learn lots of songs.


We also take additional supplies of fruit and biscuits but we must stress that the children are never hungry. It is ESSENTIAL that you do NOT pack additional supplies of biscuits, sweets and the like in your child’s luggage – it really will not be needed and in order to ensure the safety of any children who might perhaps have an allergy to certain food types we MUST know what the children are eating. 


What will we be doing?

We will be enjoying many different activities during the course of the three days ending with our family picnic when you come to collect your children at 12 o’clock on the last day. The children’s packed lunch is provided for that day but you will need to bring yours and we will all eat together on the grassy area (weather permitting!!). Younger siblings (not yet of school age) are, of course, welcome at the picnic.


Definite Activities

BBQ & Campfire

The campfire, usually on the last evening, is controlled by Centre Staff who also provide and cook the food. We sit safely around the fire and learn many new songs (which we will be only too pleased to sing to you afterwards !)


Funworld Activity Centre

We have exclusive use of this amazing indoor soft-play facility and the children have terrific fun in the balls, nets and slides.


Farmyard Funworld

We see, learn about, and touch many animals (if we want to!) and have great fun on the outdoor play area with its zip slide.


Additional Activities 

The centre offers a varied selection of other activities and we will be making a final decision as to which we would like to do nearer the time. The Centre staff are extremely flexible and arrangements can be altered depending on the weather. In the past we have chosen: Mini-beast hunt, Jewellery / mask / badge making, Orienteering, Tree hugging, Parachute games, Nature Hunt, Potion making, Bingo, Mirror walking and many more.....



Please make sure that all requested information is provided. In the unlikely event that we have to seek medical attention for your child we must have all relevant information. The medication form is for use if your child needs to be given medication of any kind during the trip. This should be completed and handed to the staff member taking overall responsibility for first aid on the morning of departure, together with any relevant medication which MUST be named and in its original packaging complete with manufacturer’s instruction leaflet. Staff member to be named nearer the time.



All children MUST bring SUN CREAM which must also be named and the appropriate consent form must be signed.



A kit list is enclosed – the children will not need more than this, but some of them will doubtless want to bring extra – HOWEVER please remember that they have to carry their cases themselves.


Common Concerns

My child is a fussy eater – what if they don’t like the food?

The catering staff at the centre are extremely helpful and will always put themselves out to provide delicious food for the children. If there is a specific food that your child will not eat please let us know. Specific diets are, of course, catered for.


My child is not quite dry at night?

We have taken children in the past who might possibly have an accident at night, or perhaps need to wear pullups – this is always handled sensitively and diplomatically by our staff and no embarrassment or upset has been caused. Just make us aware.


What if my child cannot get to sleep or wakes up during the night?

Don’t worry, for a start by the time the children go to bed they have been so busy that they are ready to sleep, although of course excitement will keep them chatting for a while. The school staff will encourage sleep and comfort anybody who is feeling a little worried. The children are all shown exactly where to find staff at night, and in fact they only have to call and we will hear them and go to them. The corridor and toilet lights are left on so it is not dark anywhere. Naturally, be assured, that no child will ever be left distressed and, if necessary, we will phone you so that you can speak to them.


My child has a specific medical problem?

Speak to Jessie or a member of the year 2 team if you have any worries. We have been taking children to Lincolnsfields for many years and have looked after the medical welfare of children with a variety of complex needs.



You will be given an emergency contact mobile number if you need to speak to a member of staff, or you can speak to Jenny de Naeyer in the school office and she will ensure that the message is passed on. Daily texts and tweets will be sent letting you know how we are getting on. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to us. We want your children to have a wonderful holiday, but we also want you to have peace of mind!!


Kit List

Your child’s name MUST be clearly marked on ALL his/her clothes and belongings, The following is a suggested kit list for our trip. Please bear in mind that the children have to carry/pull their own suitcase and therefore they should not bring too much. To be packed in a small suitcase or holdall:-


1 or 2 pairs pyjamas or nightdress

4 x pairs socks

1 x pair shorts

Warm coat/anorak (even in summer it gets cold in the early evening] Waterproof coat/anorak with hood

1 x pair wellingtons

1 x pair outdoor shoes, preferably trainers

1 x book

Towel (large enough for a shower)

Named wash bag containing: Flannel Shower gel  

Hair brush/comb Toothbrush & paste Soap (in named soap box)

4 x pairs knickers or pants

2 x vests 3 x t-shirts

2 x pairs trousers or tracksuit bottoms

 2 x warm jumpers / sweatshirts

1 x pair indoor shoes/slippers (school plimsoles suitable)

1 x sun hat ESSENTIAL

1 x cuddly toy (not too large please)


Sun cream: This must be named and handed to the member of staff designated for first aid before departure. Please do not pack it in your child’s suitcase. Permission form is included in this pack.


Please do not send shampoo – we shower just before bed by which time the children are very tired and ready to sleep. Wet hair wakes them up again! We provide shower caps if necessary.


PLEASE DO NOT SEND D.Ss, iPads, Cameras etc. (we cannot accept responsibility for them and the children WILL NOT have time to play with them!!)


Payment Details

The total amount payable for the trip is £100. This includes food, accommodation and all activities (including Funworld Activity Centre & Farmyard Funworld). All monies need to be paid using Parentpay. The full amount can be paid at any time, or instalments can be paid. If you have any concerns or further questions regarding payment, please do not hesitate to speak in confidence to Jessie or Lorraine.