Ladybirds Home Learning

Week beginning 30.03.20

 Monday- Go on a walk what can you see? Get your grown up to write a list of the things you see whilst you walk. 

When you get home, draw all the things that you saw on your walk. I wonder how many you can remember? Check your picture against your list. 


Tuesday- Practise reading the tricky word - was

Can you think of sentences with the word was?

Now can you have a go at writing the word 'was'?


Wednesday- New triagraph 'tch'. Watch the 'tch' video in the links

Read and write: watch, match, patch, catch

Can you practise counting backwards with your adults from 20?


Thursday- Make a postcard for a friend/family. Can you write some questions to ask them? For example 'How are you? What have you been up to?

(Parents- post or take a photo and send it to their friend via message). 


Friday- Go on a number hunt around your house/walk. What numbers can you see? write them down on a piece of paper.

After can you put them in order? from smallest to biggest?

Take a listen to the big number song on the links page- we love this song in ladybirds!



Week beg 23.3.20

Monday: -Can you write your name with perfectly formed letters?

-Tricky word    like

. Read the new word with your grown up. Can you think of some sentences with it in i.e. "I like cats". Have a go at writing it down. 

-Can you count all your socks? How many pairs?

Tuesday: Read the sentence I like paint.

-New trighraph ("3 letters, one sound") ear.

Read and write:  dear fear near

Watch 'ear' video link on links page. 

-Can you write down all the ages of everyone in your family?

Wednesday: -Let your grown up say the following words and you try to write them down using your segmenting skills...

in  if   bag  hat  chin   fish   join   shut    

- Look out of the window- how many birds can you count and name? Use the internet to help you. 

Thursday: -Go on a walk (following gov guidelines) and see is you can see signs of spring- flowers, buds on the trees, warm breeze. Write or draw what you saw. 

Friday: -Sing some of our assembly songs (links on link page)

Have a go at doing some exercises - star jumps, hopsstretching up high

-New trigraph ("3 letters, one sound")   air

-Read and write : pair hair chair unfair

-Watch 'air' video on links page.