Bumblebees Home Learning

Week Beg 30.3.20

Monday: -Wellbeing  Sheet. Handwriting worksheet. 

Tuesday: Phonics: 'ey' sound. Watch the 'ey' video in the links.

-Read the words on the sheet. Have a go at writing some without looking. 

-Maths Tuesday sheet. 

Wednesday: TBC

Thursday: TBC


Friday: TBC

Week Beg 23.3.20

Monday: -Maths 1 sheet. You can write you answers on paper. 

-Alien word video on links page

Tuesday: Maths 2 sheet. 

-Write some alien words and ask your grown up to read them. Let them write some for you. 

Wednesday:Phase 3 Tricky word video on links page. organise some pasta into groups of 2, 5 and 10 and places counting in these jumps i.e. "2,4,6.." "5,10,15..." "10, 20, 30..."

Thursday: Go on a walk (following gov guidelines) and see is you can see signs of spring- flowers, buds on the trees, warm breeze.  Draw and add labels to explain what you saw.


Friday:-Sing some of our assembly songs (links on link page)

-Have a go at doing some exercises - star jumps, hopsstretching up high, balancing on one leg