Dragonflies Home Learning 04.05.2020



Revise contracted words:

don't, wasn't, shouldn't, haven't, isn't, weren't, didn't, should've, could've, hadn't, hasn't, they'll, couldn't, we'll, we;'re, can't, I'll. 


Use the look, say, cover, write and check method to learn how to spell these words you could also use them in a sentence.

Test yourself - what is the missing letter in each? What is an apostrophe?




Measurements - What different items in your house can you measure? What could you use to measure water, flour, Lego, yourself?  Have a go at measuring different things e.g. water, your favourite toy, the door, a plant, eggs.  You may need to use different measuring tools to measure. 


This week we are looking at Ramadan, click on the PDF for more information.



Reading Activity Mat


Maths Activity Mat



















Today you will write the beginning of  a new part of the story ‘Whatever Next’. Introduce a new character. Here are some ideas for what the beginning and middle can include. Please add your own ideas too!


  • A good story opener – One sunny day, On a quiet night, Once upon a time

  • Introduce the main character (this will be the one you created) with descriptions (expanded noun phrases). 

  • Where he/she lives, who they live with, what does he/she have to do with Mummy Bear (bath time, homework, shopping)

  • What your character finds under the stairs – space helmet/space boots/jacket/backpack/food/teddy/lucky charm.




Write the middle  and ending of the story ‘Whatever Next’ 

  • What does your character see when they fly off in the rocket: clouds/plane/mountains/the ocean. Who they meet on the way to the moon (this will be the other character you created).

  • What do they do on the moon? Have a picnic, play a game (hide and seek, tag), paint a picture or create a drawing, make music and sing or dance.