Dragonflies Home Learning 30.03.2020


Write a book review of a book of your choice. Write about the main characters, what you liked, disliked, what the story is about and if you would recommend the book.  



Literacy and maths sheets attached.


Spellings: friend, because, could, should, everyone



See Wednesday Reading sheet attached.



Go around your house, how many different 2D and 3D shapes can you find




Write out the following sentences, filling in the gaps with there, they’re or their:

1)        __________________ is going to be a party tonight at my friend’s house.


2)        The children took ___________________ shoes off before going inside. 


3)        ____________________ having a wonderful time on holiday in France. 


4)        This is ___________________ PlayStation game. 


5)        The football is all the way over ____________________.


6)        ____________________ my best friends at school, we have a lot of fun together. 


Create a new pair of knickers for the queen following on from the story the Queens knickers. Where would she wear them? When would she wear them? What special features would they have?



Copy these sentences adding the commas in the right place:

1. For lunch today you can choose from sausages pizza roast beef or chicken nuggets.

2. Pugs beagles and terriers are all small dog breeds.

3. Jim Fred Kelly and Kara will go bowling on Friday night.

4. Would you rather have pizza hamburgers or hot dogs for dinner?


Practise telling the time on a clock to 5 minutes past the hour. Challenge: How many seconds are in a day? How many minutes are in a day? How many hours in a week?​