Ladybirds Home Learning 27.04.2020



Choose a number and write it down. Now can you write one more of that number next to it and one less. 

For example:​   4, 5, 6 

5 is my chosen number

6 is one more 

4 is one less

Now can you do that for lots of different numbers up to 20?



Listen to the tricky word song (see links)


Now write down the words you have learnt. Can you put them into sentences?



How many mini-beasts can you spot on your daily walk? What insects were they? Can you draw a picture of what they look like?

For example: A Bumblebee



Watch the emotions song (see links)

How are you feeling today? Can you draw a picture of how you are feeling? Tell an adult why you might be feeling like this?




How many pairs of socks do you have in your drawer? Can you with an adult count in 2's of the number of socks you have? What other pairs can you find around your house? For example a pair of earrings or a pair of gloves, pair of shoes



Read a story with an adult? Who are the characters in the story? Can you make some puppets to go with your story? Can you retell the story using your puppets?



Can you make yourself a healthy meal? For example, Breakfast, lunch or dinner. What makes it healthy? What foods have you included? Make a list of all the healthy foods?



Can you practise counting up to 20? Can you count backwards? How far did you get? Can you now write your numbers down?



Fine Motor Skills

Can you make a sunshine? You need to cut out a circle using scissors for the main part. It needs to include rays by cutting out triangles. What else could you include?


Watch the blending video of CVC words

Can you think of your own CVC words? For example, dog, log, cat, mat

Can you practise reading them by decoding and blending them with an adult? How many did you think of?