Dragonflies Home Learning 27.04.2020


Re-watch ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy (on links page). This time, focus on the character of Baby Bear and Owl and think of some words to describe them (adjectives).

(10-15 min) Draw a picture of Bear and Owl on separate sheets and label them with adjectives to describe them. E.g. tall, big and fluffy


Reading Revision Mat



From Whatever Next think of 2 characters of your own and draw a character description of them. 

Main Character - Baby Bear could be: Lion, Baby Badger, Baby Pony

Owl could be: Eagle, Pigeon, Robin, Dove, Magpie, Crow, Raven, Wood pecker



Make a tally chart of the different animals you can see outside by looking outside your window. What was the most popular animal you saw? What was the least popular animal you saw?  How many animals did you see in total?



Make a habitat for an animal of your choice. Think about where the animal comes from and what it needs to survive.  Label your habitat and write sentences to explain why you picked that habitat. 


Activity Mat 1