Dragonflies Home Learning 20.04.2020


Read two books with similar themes e.g. Cinderella and Prince Cinders (studied in class). Write down the similarities and differences between each book. As a challenge read two books from the same author and complete.


Watch ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy on the links page

Make a story map to retell the story. Remember to include pictures and key words to tell the main points, and arrows to show the order. Use the key words below to help you.

Key words: Baby Bear, Mrs Bear, moon, rocket, stairs, space helmet, space boots, teddy, food, chimney, WOOSH, owl, picnic, Yes please, bath, rained, living room, BUMP. ​



Designing a Rocket:

Design and label a rocket for your Baby Bear so he can travel up to space in style!

Think about:

·        the shape of your rocket

·        How big it needs to be for Baby Bear and things he needs to carry in it.

·        A logo and colours.

·        The shape of the windows and doors.



Have a go at using your year 2 common exception words in sentences. Remember to use noun phrases, conjunctions and adverbs.




Reading Revision Mat


Go around your house measuring different objects in centimetres and inches. What objects are longest and which are shortest. Are certain objects best measured in cm or m?




Show your working out for these number sentences below:





















Use conjunctions to fill the gaps in the sentences below: 

1.    I went to the park __ played on the swings.

2.   I didn’t finish my dinner __ I wasn’t allowed to have pudding.

3.   My sister was upset ____ she lost her favourite teddy.

4.   I really wanted to go to the fairground ride ___ I was too small.

My mum said I could go to my friend’s house ___ I finished my homework



Watch the following video to find out about our school value of 'Courage':

What makes you afraid? When have you had courage?


Re-watch ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy (links page)

Answer these comprehension questions about the story. Remember to use ‘because’ to explain your answers. 

1.    Where did Baby Bear want to go?

2.   Why did Mummy Bear tell Baby Bear he couldn’t go?

3.   What did Baby Bear find in the cupboard under the stairs?

4.   Where did Baby Bear find the space helmet and space boots?

5.   Write 3 more items Baby Bear could’ve packed for his journey.

6.   What did Owl say to Baby Bear when he flew past him?

7.   When they landed on the moon, why do you think Owl noticed that there were no trees?

8.   When Baby Bear had to go home, why did it rain through his helmet?

9.   Why was Mummy Bear shocked when she saw Baby Bear?

10.        Do you think that Mummy Bear believed Baby Bear’s story? Why or why not?

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