Ladybirds Home Learning 18.05.2020


Draw a picture of something you would like to do when this is all over. Think about:

- Who would you like to take part?

- Where would it be?



Order the months of the year:

January, March, February, July, June, May, August, October, December, November, September, April



Read your favourite story:

Can you make a puppet to retell the story to your family?



Can you have a go at writing the alphabet? Can you think of pictures to go with each letter? For example a is for apple. 



Talk to your adult about time. What is time? Why do we use time?


Play 'What's the Time Mr Wolf' with your family. 


WOLF? Mr. Wolf shouts out a time between 1 & 12 o'clock. The number he shouts is the number of steps the players take toward him (for 9 o'clock take 9 steps).




Can you do a P.E. lesson with The Bodycoach -

Can you count how many times you can do each exercise?



Can you recap on all the phase 2 sounds? -


Using a timer, how quick can you run from one side of the room to the other?

How quick can you hop on one leg 10 times?

How quick can you jump 20 times?


Can you think of other activities you can time? Brushing your teeth? Making your bed?