Ladybirds Home Learning 15.06.2020



We’re going to explore the number 16 this week! Each day we will be exploring something else that relates to the number 16! Today, we want you to explore how many ways you can make the number 16 using only addition and subtraction.

For example, 12+4= 16. You can use 16 toys to help you! Can you find three or even more numbers that equal 16? For example 4+3+9=16? Remember to practise writing your number sentences down neatly, remembering where to place your + and = sign!








Watch or read the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’.

This week you are going to finish your story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. Think about the second half of the story

· The Gingerbread Man is chased by another character

· The Gingerbread Man meets the fox

· The Gingerbread Man comes to an unfortunate end.

Draw a picture to represent the last 3 scenes in the story. Underneath each picture write as much as you can retelling the story. This is your version of the story, so you can change it in any way you wish, such as introducing different characters. Remember that if you changed the Gingerbread Man you need to keep the character you chose. Remember finger spaces and full stops.



We’re going to practice our taking away! Using physical objects you have around the house, can you complete the following takeaway equations… some are a little trickier, so don’t worry if you get stuck! Remember to ask an adult to help you if you need some help, drawing a number line is also a great way of counting back to help you takeaway!

2-3=       4-2=      1-1=      3-2=         3-1=     4-3=       

4-1=        5-4=      5-1=      5-3=

5-5=        5-2=     10-9=    10-7=       9-8=     9-5=      8-3=    

7-1=         8-8=     6-5=      7-5=       10-1=     7-2=      8-7=   

11-7=       17-9=    19-11=   25-4=     25-6=     16-9=   

15-10=    20-12=   16-8=    20-16=   18-9=      17-1=




Which is your favourite story? Think about the ending of the story. What do you think would happen to the characters after the end of the story? Draw a picture of what you think would happen and either label your picture or write some sentences explaining what is happening.

Remember finger spaces and full stops. Use your phonics to help you with your spellings.




Today we are going to be exploring ‘missing box’ subtractions on our fun game:

Can you create your own missing box questions that are either addition or subtraction? You could challenge your siblings or parents to find the answer to them.


Read the book 'We are all different' using this link


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