Ladybirds Home Learning 01.06.2020


Draw a picture of your favourite day of the half term. Can you label who it was with, where did you go and what did you do?



Listen to the big number song:

Can you join in? What number can you count up to?


Tuesday ​

Can you draw a map? Where does your map take you? To the park? To the shops? 
Can you use your maps on your daily walk?



Watch the video on split digraphs:

Can you practise reading the words on the video?



Reading Comprehension

Watch The Very Hungry Caterpillar:


Can you answer the questions?

1. On Monday what did the caterpillar eat?

2. On Wednesday what did the caterpillar eat?

3. On Friday what did the caterpillar eat?

4. What was wrong with the caterpillar at night? 

5. On Sunday what happened to the caterpillar?




PE with the Bodycoach:



Watch the video on opposites:

Can you find objects around your house that are opposite? Write them down. 



Watch The Very Hungry Caterpillar again:

What would you like the caterpillar to eat each day of the week?

Write or draw the food you would like it to eat.



Watch the baby animals song:

Do you know any other animals and their baby names? Use the internet to help you find them (adults please support using the internet safely). 

​Write or draw them.